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Before the birth of his third son Baldwin, Armand DesMarets hires Rajeev, a Hindu with a Christian upbringing, to give his children a well-rounded education that includes foreign languages, herbology, and astronomy. Rajeev is particularly devoted to Baldwin, who has frightening dreams of a demon, remembrance of a past life, and celestial visions of Mary Magdalene.

The tutor accompanies the young knight and his faithful dog, Bhaiya, as he sets sail to Jerusalem to join a newly formed group of monk warriors, known as the Knights Templar. During their travels, they meet many devout pilgrims, including the pious Bernard of Clairvaux. They also encounter raging seas, pillaging pirates, and one mysterious stranger who becomes an unlikely traveling companion.

This is a dedicated religious journey for young Baldwin, but just what lies in store for him when he arrives and meets with the Knights Templar? To join, he must take an oath of poverty, chastity, and devotion. However, his life takes a turn when he is given a mysterious mission that takes him on a deeper journey of both outer and inner exploration.