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Book Overview

This book lays the foundation for a larger story that seeks to answer life’s many conundrums through the adventures of an ensemble of heroes and heroines (and a courageous and amusing dog or two) of various diverse cultures during the Crusades and beyond. Our characters travel by sea and land on missions driven by unseen masters in faraway places. Ultimately, they must learn to live in harmony with one another, the land and creatures around them. Unknown to them, one mysterious Master is guiding it all.

D. S. Demaree’s ancestors originated in France, and many lived their lives as knights and adventurers. The surname Demaree is attached to the Normandy region, where members of the family belonged to the noble House of Bousis.

A former humor columnist for the Iowa Source and published author, S. E. Willbanks has a master’s in professional writing. She has helped many authors clarify their ideas. She specializes in humor, historical fiction, fantasy, and children’s books. This is her first collaboration with Demaree.

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